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Originally issued in an edition of 300 on their No Fans label and for all intents and purposes unavailable and unheard for a decade, the 10th anniversary CD-ification of Richard and Simon's classic debut double-LP still sounds as revelatory and alien as it did when it was released. Tracks like the immortal collage freak-out "Dance: Help The Aged (Give Them A Heart Attack)," the minimal pulse epic "Chord" and the psych-fuzz rock mania of "Goat" have been undiluted in their majesty by the unbearable decade that has elapsed between then and now. Highest rating. Remastered from the original 1/4" analog reels, sounding much improved over the original pressing. New liner notes by Simon. 4 (really 15) tracks, 73 mins.

"We're listening to LAKE close on a decade since we recorded it. Just as it sounds odd now, what we do today would've sounded bizarre then. We couldn't make this record now. It's like a ghost - so long ago. We've moved on. Our label name, No Fans, was a statement of fact; the record was a dare to ourselves - who in their right mind would ever release anything like this? With No Fans, No Distribution and No Prospect of either, spending over 1,000 pounds on a vanity project when most of our peers were doing sensible things smacked of arrogance. In an ironic bid to launch Lake, a Goat Evening was held in Nottingham at the home of Neil Campbell and Jim Plaistow. Though everyone had a good time, by the end of the evening no-one had bought the album, so we gave away copies to the three people who had shown any interest. Which left 297 copies. The situation was more ridiculous than ever."

--Simon Wickham-Smith


released March 8, 2017

Lake Part 1:
Ricardo Ibarruri: Violin, electronics, production
Gareth: Vocals
Yvonne: Classical guitar, vocals
R!!!: Cymbals, hand-drum, descant recorder, tape, laughter, violin, electric guitar, vocals, glockenspiel
S!!!: Vocals, penny whistles (F, Bb), laughter, classical guitar, violin, door stop, glockenspiel, reed organ

Lake Part 2:
Edward Youngs: Penny Whistle (F), vocals, plastic bag, washing machine
R!!!: Electric guitar, recorder, toy piano, classical guitar, tambourine, shakuhachi, cardboard box, vocals, paint tops, tape, clockwork motor
S!!!: Reed organ, Penny whistles (F, Bb), hand drum, oven tray, cymbals, cardboard box, vocals, paint pots, scraper thing, ektara, clockwork motor, shakers, coffee tin

Lake Part 3:
R!!!: Classical guitar
S!!!: Reed Organ

Lake Part 4:
R!!!: Clock chimes, tambourine, electric guitar, vocals
S!!!: Clock chimes, oven tray, reed organ, vocals

All tracks recorded in Harpenden
Engineered by R!!!
Produced by R!!! and S!!!



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Richard Youngs and Simon Wickham-Smith Glasgow, UK

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